What will Education look like after Covid?

What will Education look like after Covid?

This year the pandemic forced us to learn and work remotely. Students craving the college experience were sorely disappointed, and universities scrambled to adjust. Meanwhile, the job market became more competitive as unemployment soared and displaced workers looked to learn new skills to improve their career options. Given that, what will higher education look like in the post-pandemic future?

The workplace of the future will require innovative education programs that offer shorter and more flexible timeframes, human-support, and high-ROI to enable multiple career shifts. 

The solution will be a synthesis of traditional universities and online learning platforms–an agile, hybrid approach to education–that accommodates the new realities of how we live and work.

This evolved model of education will be: 

  • Human-centric and mentor-led. Remote education is here to stay, but the human perspective will still play an integral part. Programs led by mentors, who are working professionals and hiring managers in a given field, will be more in touch with the demands of the workforce and able to develop talent. 
  • Asynchronous and highly personalized. Learning models will be customized to allow students to learn at their own pace. Students will be coached individually for progress, which means they will get regular feedback to keep on track and motivated. It will also provide them with personalized support or intervention in case they are falling behind. 
  • State-of-the-art, project-based/experiential real-world learning. Educators of the future will be empowered to teach relevant career skills. Data about the most in-demand jobs will influence a course of study. The next-generation of higher education will be designed to teach the needed “on the job” skills, as well as provide opportunities for real-world experience. These projects will become meaningful portfolio pieces that can help land full-time jobs, where employers want evidence of mastery, not just credentials. 

Higher education that evolves with the post-Covid workplace will teach students the right skills to bridge the skills gap, providing employers with highly qualified talent that keeps pace with technology. Source of complete article: Inc.

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