New Italian Chairs in stock!

New Italian Chairs in stock!

Just arrived from Italy, this year we have included within our in stock options in our Showroom, the Italian Designed Chairs from the Marte collection.

Ideal for Executive Desks and Executive offices and workspaces, these chairs are a design piece to complement any furniture. You can also include these within your “Work-from-Home” spaces, living rooms and/or family room.

Our chairs are made up of minimal, sophisticated, and functional elements in which the object’s soul finds expression. A wide range of colors and finishes gives the certainty of balanced and charming combinations. The attention to detail will make every room special, from hotel to restaurant, from home to office.

Paro, the new seating collection designed by Enzo Berti, is the outcome of a design challenge. The goal was to design a “simple” chair as the result of the maximum simplification of the manufacturing and assembly processes. The aesthetic result is just the consequence. Made of only three elements, assembled through only two welds, Paro stands out for its extreme lightness, clean and subtle design and as a seat with a comfortable and iconic T-back. Paro is designed for public areas, but also for home and office environments. It is easily stackable thanks to its lightweight and reduced dimensions. It is offered in three different finishes, for a customizable final effect. The shell is available in wood, padded on the back and seat, or entirely padded. The padding is available in leather or fabric.

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