Rym Black Glass Matte Meeting Table: No Objection!

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Our professional staff at Z&Z Group Italian Office Furniture, has recently installed this Rym meeting table in Black Matte finish and aluminum legs, at this prestigious Attorney’s office in Miami, Florida.

Rym executive collection of Desks, typing tables, extensions and meeting tables, where the design research finds highest expression. Large surfaces, minimalistic style and detail express the soul of this collection.

Rym executive tables, extensions and meeting table worktops are made in melamine or glass with metal legs. No matter how much space you have for the conference room, you will be able to find a table that will fit. Conference tables come in all shapes and sizes. If space is a concern, select a smaller round or square table.

Ask us about other modern furniture solutions for your office executive areas, meeting rooms and reception areas.

Our Miami office, which features a showroom, opened in 2001 and has its own inventory of modern office furniture in stock and ready to deliver. Z&Z Group also provides efficient space planning of office buildings in Miami and throughout the U.S.

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