Flexible and modern furniture for the office


These operative lines are a modern collection of office furniture, including office desks, benching, workstations, typing tables, compact/shaped desks, meeting tables and extension desks, designed for the operative areas of your office. This collection features working tops coated with white, maple, walnut, light oak or dark oak coloured melamine ASB edge-profiles, metal legs and wiring management systems.

There are some office furniture collections that leave an indelible trace on the evolution of a company. This Operative line makes the past and tradition its own and recovers the concept of winning projects with passionate artisanship. This is the idea that generates a high level of flexibility: the opportunity to develop furniture along the axes; an important recovery of space, which translates into significant savings. Ideal for small and large corporate offices, coworking spaces or home office.

The Entity line solves every problem of space, movement and function. And it does it so well and poise to have already earned two awards: Award EIMU Wellness@Work, Nomination Grandesign-design Etico. Entity is an up to date and smart series of desks, typing tables, extension desks with metal structure, designed to meet the current architecture of office spaces. In particular, Entity is pointed on designing shared work spaces, increasing: functionality, convenience and pleasantly of the volumes. The central bar is set for the application of screens, flipping doors for inspection of wiring management and multipurpose accessories.

Ask us about other modern furniture solutions for your office operative areas and our inventory of in stock products.