4 Office Tips = Healthier Employees

4 Office Tips = Healthier Employees

Healthier environments reduce absenteeism and the spread of germs. When employee health is considered from a multitude of angles, everybody benefits. So how can you design your business around promoting the healthiest workforce possible?

1) Encourage Movement
Try not only offering to fund gym memberships or fitness related purchases, but things like having free on-site Zumba classes, walking and running tracks on campus, and courts for pick-up basketball and volleyball games.

The solutions are not that difficult to implement. Aside from allowing employees to take breaks as necessary to get up for a short walk, employers can invest in sit-stand desks. The beauty of these is employees are still actively working while getting in some much needed movement.

Another way to encourage movement is to carefully consider the placement of staircases. If the stairs are easier and faster to take, workers will use them. The added benefit is reducing the use of the elevators and getting your employees’ blood pumping.

2) Support Active Transportation
If you’re in the market for new office space, consider its proximity to public transportation.

Provide a safe place for employees to lock up their bikes if they choose to cycle to work. On-site shower and changing facilities can also help workers who want to incorporate as much exercise as possible into their day.

Let The Outdoors InPositive effects of natural light in the office are innumerable, including visual comfort, supporting a better sleep cycle, minimizing headaches, and more.

Just as importantly, natural lighting improves the mood of employees, who feel less closed in and trapped as they go about their day. By placing enclosed offices and meeting rooms in the middle of the office space, and spreading the employee workstations around the perimeter in proximity to the windows, you’re giving a higher percentage of your employees access to natural light with minimal effort on your part.

Plants and greenery is another way to promote the health of your employees. Not only do plants improve the air quality, they add texture and interest to the overall design of an office. Green is the color of growth and renewal, and can drastically improve the mood of your employees.

3) Make Healthier Food a Priority

4) Make It Policy
Curating a healthy environment isn’t just about how the office looks and feels, or how many plants are in a room. Having a comprehensive sick leave policy that encourages workers to use it when they need it can go a long way in reducing employee stress and the spread of illnesses. Ensure your healthcare coverage is top notch, and when employees exercise their benefits, support them in whatever ways are necessary. That way, when they’re healthy, they’re enthusiastic about coming back to work.

Thoughtful design and policy in your office has the potential to elevate your company above the rest in terms of employee health and wellness. Medical and scientific research prove that employee wellness is a vital aspect of every thriving business. It does more than help your bottom line to consider all aspects of employee health. It ensures your employees, and therefore your company, have everything needed to thrive.

Source: Inc.com

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