Office Furniture Design Trends and #NeoCon50 Trends

Office Furniture Design Trends and #NeoCon50 Trends

Flexible Workspace Gets More Flexible

Flexible alternatives to co-working, activity-based workspaces, unassigned seating, and ‘resimercial’ office design are rapidly increasing as the workplace increases the types of flexible work environments. In 2018, we will start to see the workplace become even more flexible. As organizations evolve, new workspaces will need to allow for people to connect rapidly across all levels.

We are living in an environment where technology is rapidly increasing the speed and amount of knowledge we are confronted with. In order for businesses to better manage themselves, communicate, and share ideas, that information must flow outside of traditional hierarchal structures. Organizational structures are rapidly evolving, but the flow of information should not be inhibited. New workplaces are increasing in variety and types to accommodate a much broader range of function, and people are moving to the space that best supports their work. Many organizations are limited by the concept of Ownership of space, which runs deep in the culture. As that begins to erode, you will see an increasing amount and variety of options.

#NeoCon50 Trends

After various recent shows in Europe, it wasn’t at all surprising that this Neocon also had an overwhelmingly residential feel to it. So much of life today is to do with breaking down barriers so why shouldn’t that apply to the differences between work and home? Materials – even the artificial materials such as laminates and metals – had a natural look. Out were blacks, whites and silvers; in came wood and muted browns and greens and greys of the forest. Nordic designs are increasingly admired and appreciated here and many companies from the region are beginning to exert some serious influence on the market, both as businesses in their own right and piggybacking some of the largest North American companies. SitStand tables that dominated the show last year had retreated somewhat and didn’t take pride of place to the same extent. Rather, the emphasis was on colours, finishes and textiles used to create a feeling of seamlessness between home and office.

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