Operative meets Luxury in Brickell, Miami.

Operative meets Luxury in Brickell, Miami.

Our team at Z&Z Group Italian Office Furniture recently delivered these DV802 Workstations in white melamine with white glass dividers for added privacy and luxury.

This modern collection of office furniture, including desks, typing tables, compact/shaped desks, meeting tables and extension desks, designed for the operative areas of your office. In this particular project, our professional team delivered and installed the white workstations combined with file/drawers in tobacco.

There are some office furniture collections that leave an indelible trace on the evolution of a company. DV802 makes the past and tradition its own and recovers the concept of winning projects with passionate artisanship. This is the idea that generates a high level of flexibility: the opportunity to develop furniture along the axes; an important recovery of space, which translates into significant savings.

Z&Z Group Italian Office Furniture is a Miami based company with over 55 years of experience in the manufacturing of high quality modern office furniture for hotels, banks, residential locations, small and large corporate offices.

Our Miami office, which features a showroom, opened in 2001 and has its own inventory of modern office furniture in stock and ready to deliver. Z&Z Group also provides complimentary efficient space planning of office buildings in Miami and throughout the U.S.

Check out the complete DV802 collection in our online catalog in the Products section or simply call and visit our Showroom for more in stock options to furnish your office, reception area or coworking space.

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