Workstations with Service Units in this Open Office! But don’t forget your Plants

Workstations with Service Units in this Open Office! But don’t forget your Plants

At Z&Z Group Italian Office Furniture, we strive to provide excellent customer service for our client’s satisfaction. From the early stages of space planning your office until you are 100% satisfied with your layout and product selection, to the delivery and installation. Our in stock Italian Furniture, makes it so convenient at the time of furnishing your space, because we can accommodate your needs and have you up and running in a matter of days!

One of our latest projects includes these Entity Workstations combined with white Service Units. Entity is a modern workstation for functional workspaces.

Entity solves every problem of space, movement and function. Entity is an up to date and smart series of desks, typing tables, extension desks with metal structure, designed to meet the current architecture of office spaces. In particular, Entity is pointed on designing shared work spaces, increasing: functionality, convenience and pleasantly of the volumes. The central bar is set for the application of screens, flipping doors for inspection of wiring management and multipurpose accessories.

Although ergonomic furniture is one of the most important things to consider to improve productivity and functionality, as well as office aesthetics, we have learned, just like Amazon did in their new office, that nature makes employees happier, more creative, and more productive. So don’t forget to include plants in your workspace. Nature seems to both soothe the human soul and make our brains work better. That feels nice for people, but it’s also likely to make those who work in a high-pressure environment like Amazon better at their jobs.

On a personal level, simply opting to take your lunch break in a local park will refresh and sharpen your mind. Or, for more long-lasting effects, hit the garden center and bring some more green into your office. If light is an issue, science even shows that simply incorporating more natural materials and images of nature into a workspace boosts creativity.

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