Activity-based workplace design.

Activity-based workplace design.

THE NEW TREND IN WORPLACE DESIGN: ACTIVITY-BASED SPACE-PLAN | Tailoring spaces for the kind of work done. | According to a recent article in The New York Times, now there is a “palette of places” when it comes to Workplace Design, because people don’t just sit in one place. There is a backlash against the one-size-fits-all mind-set.

SPACE PLANNING is one of Z&Z Group Italian Office furniture areas of expertise. We have a professional staff that takes the time to listen to your objectives and dynamics of your business. We then can furnish your floor plan that uses the newest trends with our up to date market research. Creating a physical environment with your business’s mission, helps focus employees and gives a clear vision to your clients.

Statistics show that 40% of the work force today are Millennials. Co-Working Spaces are becoming more and more popular. With efficient space planning, our furniture can accommodate different types of companies and their needs. Team spaces with standing tables, comfortable couches and movable walls are becoming popular, although with “isolation rooms”. These are soundproof phone booths, or lounges where technology is forbidden

At Z&Z Group Italian Office Furniture, we know that space drives behavior. Our goal is to make your business successful by creating atmospheres that are quality, functional, and affordable.

The “working from home” trend is now reversing as companies realize that offices can be creative clusters. Microsoft, G.E. and IBM are turning into a new hybrid design – open spaces, whiteboard walls, no offices, sit-or-stand desks, huddle rooms and phone rooms. In surveys, company’s workers say they are getting more done, faster in the new space. Research concluded that exposure to sunlight and outdoor views and well-ventilated offices correlated to fewer sick days. Also, offices in which workers can choose their conditions, can increase productivity on cognitive tasks. So efficient space planning, translates into motivated employees, more productivity and thus, more success.

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