Cardone’s Steps to Keep your Company Growing

Cardone’s Steps to Keep your Company Growing

Our Italian Office Furniture Team completed this project including Workstation Desks and Acoustic Dividers, delivered and installed at the Grant Cardone Enterprises in Aventura, FL.

Grant Cardone Grant is an International Sales Expert, Sales Trainer, Sales Motivational Speaker, Radio Show host, TV personality and NY Times Best Selling Author of five books since the Lehman collapse. His books have been translated in China, Portugal, Brazil, Germany, and Taiwan.

Here’s Cardone’s 10 Steps to Keep your Company Growing:
1. Overpromise and Overdeliver.
2. Give everything you have every day.
3. Focus on Solutions instead of problems.
4. Adapt quickly to changes.
5. Do what is not common practice.
6. Do not drop prices.
7. Be unreasonable in your demands.
8. Keep training to constantly improve.
9. Avoid negative influences.
10. Never play it safe.

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