Cubicle Comeback?

Cubicle Comeback?

According to a recent article in Yahoo Finance, the pandemic is reshaping the office life. When workers return to the workplace, they will find the private office will have more value for privacy and health reasons. The trend in open spaces or co-working spaces will need to be re thought in terms of the new needs of the employees. “Cubicles and partitions are making a return as the virus speeds the move away from open plan office spaces, architects say.”

“Open floor plans are most definitely going to disappear,” Rhiannon Staples, chief marketing officer at human resources management company Hibob, told @businessinsider . “I feel like it was already on its way out and this was the kick it needed to get it out the door.”

Experts predict that the wide-open office, popularized by tech industry titans like Google and Facebook, will become a thing of the past. The fad, already becoming passé, has become almost dangerous in the face of the virus — employees often sit packed in large, open rooms, with desks placed close enough to reach out and touch your coworker.

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