Your reception, your business card.

Your reception, your business card.

How do you create the best welcome in the company?⁣ With a tailored reception like Abako. First impressions count. Our Receptions can be customized for any size and need.

Rounded lines, linear elements, formal details and innovative combinations of materials; Abako is like a company’s business card, since the reception desk area is the first area of contact with the public and outside world.

Elegance and hospitality, efficiency and rapidity are the very characteristics of a system conceived to fulfill a company’s representation requirements in a modern working environment.

We are here to help with any and all of your office furniture needs! Get your executive office desks, workstations, bookcases, and chairs for your home or office in stock and ready to deliver. Call us or visit our showroom in Miami, FL to find out more.

Photo: Abako Reception | Available in different compositions and colors.

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