What type of Office Design would really make your employees happy?

What type of Office Design would really make your employees happy?

When it comes to #OfficeDesign , have you bothered to ask your employees what would really make them happy?

You want motivated, productive employees? You want them to willingly come into the office and work longer hours while they’re there? You want them to communicate face-to-face better and more frequently?

Dump the open plan and convert to private offices. It’s really that simple.

A recent study revealed that:

• Enclosed Private ranks higher than other floor plans in every category except Building Maintenance.

• Enclosed Private ranks much higher than other floor plans in the key areas of Sound Privacy, Amount of Space, Visual Privacy, and Ease of Interaction.

• Open Plan ranked marginally higher than Cubicles (either types) in every category except Visual Privacy, where Open Plan was a spectacular loser.

When all the different characteristics were added together, the result was straightforward.

Source: Inc.com

Space Planning is one of Z&Z Group Italian Office furniture areas of expertise. We have a professional staff that takes the time to listen to your objectives and dynamics of your business. We then can furnish your floor plan that uses the newest trends with our up to date market research. Creating a physical environment with your business’s mission, helps focus employees and gives a clear vision to your clients.

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