Workplace Design impacts Happiness and Productivity

Workplace Design impacts Happiness and Productivity

WORKPLACE DESIGN IMPACTS EMPLOYEES HAPPINESS AND PRODUCTIVITY: The importance of nature and colors in your workspace.

Although ergonomic furniture is one of the most important things to consider to improve productivity and functionality, we have learned, just like Amazon did in their new office, that nature makes employees happier, more creative, and more productive. Exposure to sunlight and outdoor views and well-ventilated offices correlate to fewer sick days and improves workers productivity. So don’t forget to include plants in your workplace. Nature seems to both soothe the human soul and make our brains work better. That feels nice for people, but it’s also likely to make those who work in a high-pressure environment like Amazon better at their jobs.

On a personal level, simply opting to take your lunch break in a local park will refresh and sharpen your mind. Or, for more long-lasting effects, hit the garden center and bring some more green into your office. If light is an issue, science even shows that simply incorporating more natural materials and images of nature into a workspace boosts creativity.

Color has long been proven to affect people’s productivity at work. Yellow inspires creativity, red affects your body and green creates a calming balance. Highly saturated, bright colors will stimulate, while softer, muted colors will soothe. Accents help so that different teams are surrounded by the colors that will best suit their type of work.

At Z&Z Group Italian Office Furniture, we know that space drives behavior, and in turn, behavior drives results. Our goal is to make your business successful by creating atmospheres that are quality, functional, and affordable. With our efficient space planning for your office, we give life to your workplace and help your company to settle into an appropriate space that meets your needs. HAPPY CLIENTS MAKE HAPPY WORKERS| Our Miami team has delivered and installed complete Italian Office Furniture Projects across the state including Workstations, Conference Tables, Executive Desks, Receptions, and Bookcases.

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