Tips to Organize your Office and Save Time!

Tips to Organize your Office and Save Time!

When it comes to your office desk, is it cluttered, clean or messy? Whatever your style may be, it is important to understand that if you keep it organized, you will not only be saving time, but you will become more efficient and productive. Keeping your desk, drawers and files organized, will give you space to dedicate time to the actual things that matter or even give you more time for a lunch break, a walk, or to leave home earlier than expected.

There are many ways you can be organized, by having drawer dividers and/or containers, by labeling, and by keeping files in alphabetical order or in order of importance. By doing this, you can find things faster and go straight to the point.

It is also key to not get distracted with incoming emails. Organize your day ahead of time, and make a priority list. Keep your inbox closed while you are working on other tasks, and dedicate a specific time to respond to or compose emails.

If you work in an open office and need privacy, find a place in your workspace that can let you concentrate for a specific amount of time, this way you won’t get distracted with coworkers, phone calls or emails.

What is your time saving and organizational strategy?

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