Contemporary Office Furniture: Workstations with Service Unit just installed!

Contemporary Office Furniture: Workstations with Service Unit just installed!

Recent years have brought a lot of changes to the office, particularly as technology grows and younger generations begin to eclipse older employees. One trend that has taken hold is hotdesking, the practice of having no assigned workstations, and where employees share desk space with others.

Whatever trend you choose to adopt in this constantly changing office spaces, you can still benefit of having Workstations in open areas. Like this recently completed project, our Italian Office Furniture team delivered, in which the client chose these Workstations with service units on the sides. The service units are helpful as storage solutions, because they declutter the desk, and make these spaces look organized and professional. For co-working spaces, in which the space is shared by several people, these workstations are ideal. They provide privacy with the divider frontal panels. We have several colors and finishes to choose from.

The advantage of hotdesking, is that no matter how many employees you have in your office on a given day, you can always have space available for them. Also, by not having assigned spaces, employees socialize and interact more, creating stronger bonds and team building.

At Z&Z Group Italian office furniture, we specialize in office furniture since 2001. Our Miami office, which features a showroom, has its own inventory of modern office furniture in stock and ready to deliver. Z&Z Group also provides efficient space planning of office buildings in Miami and throughout the U.S.

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