Can Cubicles be cool again?

Can Cubicles be cool again?

Do you still need Cubicles? Here’s How to keep your Workstations Modern and Fresh

Not every business operates best in an open office environment. Some industry regulations require a certain level of privacy, and some offices simply need the separation for their employees to perform at optimum levels. Today, we’re seeing a rising trend of dynamic office spaces: moveable walls, tables and couches on wheels, changeable surfaces, integrated tech that welcomes multiple devices. The advantage to a dynamic space is that it can keep things fresh. The downside? Your employees begin to long for some sense of stability and a place to call their own. Enter: the cubicle. At last year’s NeoCon, we saw a return to private work spaces and “individual work zones,” which made us ask: can cubicles be cool again? 

Cubicles don’t need to be stuffy or boxy to be effective. Cubicle design can be both fun and functional, and fit in your design without sacrificing comfort in a modern office.

Modular Style
Modular cubicles bring flexibility to oddly shaped or small spaces, and can be just the thing for a fluctuating work force. By having a bank of cubicles designed specifically for your needs, you can ensure maximum usage of your space and incorporate design elements that are pleasing to the eye. Consider bright or soothing colors, frosted glass partitions, and materials conducive to individual employee expression, such as built-in plant stands or shelves for a small collection of knickknacks. In doing so, you can make their work-home a place of comfort and productivity rather than something to escape at the end of the workday.

Shapely Curves
Cubicles don’t even need to be cube shaped. By choosing curvature to the individual desks or unique shapes, you can play with the aesthetic of the room without sacrificing individual space or overall floor real estate. In considering unique styles and materials, your cubicles can become part of the artistic element of your office design. String cubicles into distinctive, asymmetrical pockets around your office to provide interest to the eye while still maintaining the level of privacy your employees need.

Teaming Up
If your workforce is made up of teams, and you fear cubicles will separate them and stifle the creativity and flow of ideas, configure your desks in a way that provides inclusivity for team members. Partner people up so when they’re working together, their workspace is their oasis where they’re comfortable pursuing fresh ideas, innovation, and teamwork side by side without any barriers.

Modern Comfort
Today’s cubicle designs are ideal for staying up with technology and workforce comfort. With a multitude of adjustable options, you can provide space for your employees to meet their needs, from sit-stand benching systems, customizable desk heights and sizes, and built in technology ports. Don’t let the increasing trend of open office spaces deter you from cubicles if your ideal setting requires them.


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