Sleeping on the job? Now it’s on Style!

Sleeping on the job? Now it’s on Style!

Napping on the job has long been considered a fireable offense, and in many corporate cultures, employees wear long hours with too little sleep as a badge of honor, proof of their dedication. However, employers are coming to realize employees suffering from burnout are poor employees, and as the employee well-being revolution continues, companies are adopting–or rejuvenating–a long-held tradition: the power nap.

The Power Nap is Back

When employers consider the staggering $411 billion in economic losses per year due to employee mistakes, lost working days for illness made worse by sleep deprivation, and missed opportunities thanks to poor creativity and logical thinking, the solution seems simple, right? Enable employees to get more sleep.

Nap pods fit right in at NASA, but what if they don’t match the aesthetic for your company? You want all the benefits of well rested employees, including boosted alertness, mood, memory, and creativity, right? You know it’s about working smarter, not longer. After all, no one wants their employees collapsing from exhaustion and hurting themselves.

You don’t have to dedicate whole rooms to napping space for your workforce, nor do you have to put a space-age sleeping module in the middle of your soothing biophilic space. But it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Sometimes, a beautiful sofa in a low-traffic area will do.

It’s honestly about time Corporate America wake up–or not, as the case may be–and realize happy, productive employees are well-rested employees. By giving room, or pods in this instance, for employees to take naps, companies are recognizing burn out is no longer a point of pride.


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